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    Corporate Profile
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    505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. bird's eye view
    505 Group One base of scientific research building
    ZP-35A-pressure automatic machine
    One base 505 training centers

    Company Profile

    A corporate profile

          505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a group of 505 from Xianyang in Shaanxi Province to invest in the construction of a modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise. The company is located in Xianyang City, nine sub-505 Beach City Health, Sunshine Boulevard south, west Chongwen Road, elegant environment, communications, transportation is very convenient, from the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport is only ten kilometers, the Longhai Railway, 312 National Highway and Westwood From the highway through the north end of the park.

         The company's existing 115 staff, of whom a college education account for 40% of the total number, the more senior title of technical staff accounted for 20% of the total number of engaging in medical professional technicians account for 25% of the total number. Total company's GMP rigorous training.

         505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. with a total investment of nearly 150,000,000 yuan, the plant covers an area of 79,320 square meters, construction area of 15,644 square meters, green area of 25,382 square meters. Company in December 7, 2000 took the lead through the State Drug Administration GMP certification. In order to expand the production scale of enterprises, company by the end of 2003 for the construction of a huge external liquid agent workshops, and through GMP certification.

         The company's existing State Food and Drug Administration approval of nearly 30 kinds of series of five drugs, including: three national network of new drugs blood capsule, granule cough Wan-apricot; Chinese national protection species hypoglycemic Shenqi capsule; exclusive varieties Huang Po Cleansing Lotion; National new medicine to stop bleeding capsule, with milk elimination of nuclear particles;國藥準字號anti-inflammatory products Po Blue-chip, chip low back pain, post-partum Zhuyu films, Tongmai particles, purge capsule, the capsule Liu Wei Di Huang, hair tonic Tablets, capsules vitiligo, anti-proliferative bone chip, chip lipid-lowering diet, ulcers capsule, the capsule Qijudihuang, Jing anti-particles, gallbladder stone row, Niaosaitong films, Huganning films, anti-flu antidote particles Kidney Health films, thousands of Parkinson's rhinitis films, films and so on hold in mouth of the supernatant.

    Second, production, quality control

         Chinese herbal medicines to deal with pre-existing companies, water extraction and alcohol extraction of the three production lines in dealing with processing 850 tons of Chinese herbal medicines. There are granules, tablets, capsules, liquids, etc. external agents of the four production lines with an annual output of 500,000,000 tablets, capsules 300,000,000, 50 tons of granules, 2,000,000 bottles of lotion. Existing domestic companies more advanced range of pharmaceutical equipment to Taiwan 163 (pieces), automatic fire alarm system, automatic fire sprinkler system and infra-red anti-theft security monitoring system for enterprise-scale production and follow-up to the good development of superior hardware Basis.

         In order to effectively guarantee the quality of products, the company has cultivated a strong group of professional knowledge, the overall quality of high-quality management team, well-equipped with sophisticated analysis, testing equipment, the establishment of a strict quality assurance system to ensure product quality 100% qualified.

    Third, the market prospects

         At present, the company has developed its own unique marketing network, has opened up to large and medium-sized cities dominated by sales system, Us provinces, cities, county agents and distributors and provide the perfect after-sales service and market protection policy, a total of manufacturers Hand in hand, Baotuan conquer the world, welcome to join the country's elite medical team, the long-term cooperation and common development!
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