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    In July 1990 by 90 national medical and health exhibition of scientific and technological achievements award.
    September 1990 was the first Chinese Cultural Exhibition of Chinese medicine, "Shen Nong Cup" Award for excellence.
    November 1990 was the first new country product of new technology to negotiate the exchange of Gold exhibition.
    November 1990 was the 11th Asian Games the best shopping center in Shaanxi Province Participation Award for Enterprise sales.
    In December 1990 by the National Health and the results of new medical technology products exhibition of outstanding awards.
    In December 1990 by Shaanxi Gold patents.
    In December 1990 by the city of Xianyang quality award.
    January 1991 was the first Chinese commodity fair market consumers most welcome award.
    In February 1991 in Shaanxi Province have been famous Spring merchandise honor large-scale trade fair.
    In April 1991 in Shaanxi Province was the second gold medal technology trade fair.
    May 1991 Asian Games were the first shopping festival’s most popular product name.
    In May 1991 in Paris, France by the 82nd session of the International Invention Expo bronze.
    In June 1991 by the National Torch High-tech Products Exhibition Fair and silver.
    In June 1991 by the National new product exhibition to discuss new technology gold medal.
    In June 1991 by the National Quality Gold health products.
    In June 1991 by the United States, New York, the 14th session of the World Expo, inventor of the World Award for inventors.
    June 1991 was "the twenty-first century, the exhibition industry and the environment," an honorary certificate.
    In June 1991 by China’s quality products Expo Gold Medal.
    In July 1991 by Xianyang City 505 Cup race third television tax.
    1991 National Aerobics Gymnastics Grand Prix trophy art.
    In August 1991 in Shaanxi Province was the ninth enthusiastic support of the Games Award.
    In September 1991 by China’s Xi’an Lintong pomegranates first section of the Special Award for quality products.
    In September 1991 as Shaanxi science and technology-run-the-art industrial units.
    In September 1991 by the province’s first factory song contest.
    Fuzhou in 1991 by the National new products exhibition of new technology medal.
    In 1991 was 505 Cup martial art honor prizes.
    In October 1991 in Shaanxi Province was the title of outstanding new products.
    October 1991 was the invention of the Sixth National Exhibition of Shaanxi Province outstanding new product award.
    November 1991 was the first outcome of the Science-Vision Gold Medal Exhibition.
    November 1991 was 91 years old and middle-aged Shanghai Commodity Fair Gold Award for the sheep.
    In November 1991 won the 505 bags of martial art strength of the Third International Science and Peace Science-Vision results of the first Chinese Gold Medal Exhibition.
    1992 505 bags of vitality martial art won international health products exhibition presented the "Ten Healthy Product of the Year."
    In 1992 won the international health products exhibition presented the "Ten Healthy Product of the Year."
    In January 1992 in Jakarta, Indonesia, was "China’s scientific and technological achievements and practical technology exhibition," Gold Medal.
    In February 1992 by the city of Xianyang scientific and technological achievements of the first exhibition of outstanding new products, Product of the Year.
    February 1992 martial art 505 bags of strength, Yao Zhen was "the first national exposition elderly supplies designated product".
    March 1992 was the first to promote Chinese products on the activities of the first national products.
    March 1992 92 by the National Consumers love the title of 50 health care products.
    March 1992 was "on the Chinese to promote China-made products," the first medical care supplies.
    In April 1992 awarded the 505 bags of martial art strength, "the first national exposition elderly supplies," Gold Medal.
    April 1992 was the first Hainan International Coconut Festival Expo promotional products quality products will be of Excellence Awards.
    In May 1992 by the National spark sales of the best patent award.
    In May 1992 by the National Spark Program and the results of patented technology show the best sales Fair Award.
    In June 1992 by China’s Spark Program Products Exhibition Gold Award went to Mexico.
    In June 1992 in Huangshan by the National Science Fair Gold Medal.
    In June 1992 by China’s practical new technology and products trade fair gold medal.
    In June 1992 by 92 national patents and know-how fair the gold.
    July 1992 was the year 1991 the city of Xianyang scientific and technological progress (Spark Award) first prize.
    July 1992 was named Xianyang City, "honoring contracts, keeping promises" unit.
    July 1992 505 martial art strength medicine bags and family health care products, identified as the 25th Olympic Games, Chinese sports delegation of choice for health care products.
    In August 1992 by the Hong Kong International health products exhibition of the 10 health Product of the Year.
    In August 1992 by the All-China Journalists Association issued a certificate of honor.
    In September 1992 in Los Angeles by 92 international invention fair outcome of the award.
    In September 1992 in Shaanxi Province have been run-the-art science and technology industrial units in the title.
    In September 1992 by China Tourism Festival shopping venue in Xi’an Tourism Product Awards rhino gold.
    In October 1992 by the National Fair gold medal of women and children products.
    October 1992 was 92 in Shaanxi Province Famous promotion of fake and shoddy products to resist Awards show.
    In October 1992 by Shaanxi Province Famous exhibition certificate.
    In October 1992 by 92 Chinese and Japanese medical technology fair, "Yi Bo of China Cup" award.
    In November 1992 by China Non-governmental science and technology industrial units outstanding title.
    In November 1992 by the China International Travel Company Hua Yu issued by the honorary certificate.
    In November 1992 by the International Science and Peace Gold Award.
    November 1992 was "Science-Vision China," health care supplies industry outcome of the Gold Award.
    December 1992 marked by the use of the patent license.
    In December 1992 by China Global AIDS Foundation, an honorary certificate.
    Shaanxi Province in 1992 was the first well-known trademark certificate.
    In December 1992 were 92 new technologies, new products, Hunan Science and Technology Innovation Fair gold medal.
    In December 1992 by the People’s Republic of the Seventh National Games title of designated products.
    1992 China was practical technology and products to Mexico Gold exhibition.
    In February 1993 agreed to support the cause of peace and international scientific awards.
    March 1993 was the quality of export commodities fair of the National Organizing Committee awarded the honorary certificate.
    March 1993 was a special first spark of Shaanxi Province.
    In May 1993 by Peking University Award for contributions to education.
    In May 1993 in Shaanxi Province was the third gold medal technology trade fair.
    By May 1993, 93 new medicines in the Chang’an Technology and New Product Exhibition Manual Prize Cup.
    In June 1993 by China Federation of Trade Unions Department of Education Award.
    July 1993 was "well-known Chinese enterprises," Hundred Flowers Award for Enterprise.
    In July 1993 by the China International Symposium on anti-aging health and quality Gold Expo.
    In August 1993 in Heilongjiang was the first popular products.
    In August 1993, Xinjiang was satisfied with the user name products.
    August 1993 was 93 people in Heilongjiang in the first well-known brand in the eyes of Heilongjiang Xinhua News Agency Information Society recommend only the title of health care products.
    1993 was the highest quality health care in old age credibility of the award.
    August 1993 was the first Chinese medicine Xianyang International Festival Gold Award in particular.
    In August 1993 by millions of children in Shanxi Province favorite Gold products.
    In September 1993 in Shaanxi Province have been excellent quality control results of the third class.
    In September 1993 by the private science and technology enterprises in Shaanxi Province the title of-the-art unit.
    In September 1993 by the Shaanxi Provincial Health Contribution Award.
    October 1993 was the second embassy in trading certificates.
    October 1993 505 martial art Medicines and Health Products was named Chinese Medicine Congress recommended products.
    In October 1993 by Chinese culture Gold products Expo.
    In October 1993 by 93 Chinese Culture Festival Gold products Expo.
    Cambridge, England in 1993 by celebrity biographies medal Center.
    Xi’an in 1993 by television propaganda and economic units-the-art title.
    February 1994 Lunar New Year 94 recommended by the title of goods.
    In March 1994 by 93 Chinese sports products to investigate the activities of "special products star".
    March 1994 was "the capital to the love of women" certificate of honor.
    In April 1994 by the Northwest Agricultural University, the first choice of health products, medical certificate.
    May 1994 Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital was the first title of recommended products.
    June 1994 was the first Medicines and Health Products Recommended activities of the first batch of medical care in the first.
    July 1994 was as advanced grass-roots party organizations in Shaanxi Province.
    In August 1994 in Shaanxi Province were the first Games of the 10th honorary certificate.
    August 1994 was "92-93 years in Shaanxi Province," the ideological and political work of outstanding corporate title.
    October 1994 was lucky old age of knowledge organization Competition Award.
    In October 1994 by the National Chengdu 94 Spark Technology Exhibition Gold Medal products.
    October 1994 was 505 bags of martial art strength of the first famous Chinese Medicines and Health Products International Fair gold medal.
    October 1994 was 505 Yaozhen martial art of the first China International Health Festival Award for excellence.
    October 1994 was to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of Shaanxi Province to Beijing in marketing products specifically selected title.
    In November 1994 in Shaanxi Province have been enthusiastic about the Fire outstanding business awards.
    In November 1994 in Shaanxi Province received the best quality results of the third class.
    November 1994 was 94 Shaanxi Quality Around the World Famous title of Shaanxi Province.
    December 1994 has been outstanding contribution to the protection of consumer rights award.
    In January 1995 by Science and Technology Xianyang City Star business title.
    In January 1995 by 505 Chinese martial art kneepad consumer protection foundation, "consumer trust product".
    In March 1995 by 95 Chinese New Year activities to investigate the quality of Jiangsu market consumers were most satisfied with the product.
    March 1995 was Urumqi, "the consumer trust business".
    In May 1995 by the Second World Traditional Medicine Conference "International Gold Cup," the first prize.
    May 1995 be the city of Xianyang "trustworthy enterprise product quality".
    June 1995 Huoxing fourth gold medal technology trade fair.
    July 1995 was 95 southwest of the most popular product name.
    July 1995 was named "Xinhua Daily Telegraph" issue advocacy-the-art unit.
    August 1995 was 505 of the National City Children’s Palace variety show award.
    September 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women by the China Medical City health-care products recommended by the title.
    In October 1995 by Chinese inventions Gold Award.
    In November 1995 by the national pharmaceutical industry advanced units in the title of the rule of law.
    November 1995 was the title of Famous consumer trust.
    1995 was the second Cup Superman Achievement Award.
    December 1995 Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government awarded 505 bags of vitality martial art of "brand-name Shaanxi."
    December 1995 was 505 kneepad martial art of the second Houji Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology Fair Awards.
    In 1995 by the National Newspaper Award Star activities.
    In 1995 by the National IT non-scientific enterprise management seminar, "Lok Kwan work" award.
    Shaanxi Province in 1995 were elderly Prize Foundation.
    In December 1995 by Venture Star Award.
    In 1995 by the International Star Award for the nation medicine.
    August 1995 was the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region Award.
    In March 1996 by the China Preventive Medicine Council for the title of the product.
    In April 1996 by China Sports Federation and the elderly will be the first choice for the Medicines and Health Products.
    May 1996 University Games was only the fifth title of the designated product.
    May 1996 FESPIC Games was presented a certificate of love activities.
    June 1996 505 unlicensed health products by the Chinese Sports Delegation signs exclusive title.
    July 1996 was 505 group of companies of the Central Party Committee of the National Organization Department as advanced grass-roots party organizations.
    In July 1996 by the city of Xianyang Yongjunyouzhu the title of model units.
    1996 was the first internationally famous Chinese Medicines and Health Products Exhibition for the top prizes.
    August 1996 505 bags of strength was awarded a license "in 1996 in Shandong Province favorite consumer brands".
    In October 1996 by the private science and technology in Shaanxi Province the title of Star Enterprise.
    October 1996 was the quality of Chinese Dragon five-year business honor exhibition to recall the title.
    December 1996 Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government awarded 505 martial art shoulder pad, knee pad, "Shaanxi brand."
    February 1997 505 martial art shoulder pad, knee pad in Shaanxi Province have been recognized as brand-name products.
    July 1997 505 bags of vitality martial art, martial art kneepad 505 Chinese college students as men’s basketball team to participate in the 19th session of the World University moving specific gifts.
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