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     Xianyang 505 Group Corporation
     China Xianyang health care products factory
     The group of offices
     Foreign directory
     505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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    Xianyang 505 Group Corporation

    Address: 19, North Leyu Road, Xianyang, Shaanxi Province

    Contact (Liaison Officer):Zhou Hua

    Tel. Exchange: 029-33283505

    Network Center: 029-33289559

    Toll-free Hotline: 400-001-8505

    Fax: 029-33218606

    Website: Http://www.szdxsm.com

    E-mail: WLW@88505.COM

    Postcode: 712000

    No. of the Qualification Certificate for Internet Drug Information Services of the People’s Republic of China::(Shaanxi)-Non-profit-2005-2007
       Shaanxi ICP Record No.: 05008034
    Toll-free Hotline: 400-001-8505    E_mail:wlw@88505.com
    Xianyang 505 Group Corporation  All Rights Reserved © 2008-2009
    Address:19, North Leyu Road, Xianyang, Shaanxi Province    Postcode:712000    Tel. Exchange:029-33283505    Fax:029-33218606
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