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    Appraisal Opinions from Experts about 505 Shen Gong Yuan Qi Bag
    The 505 Shen Gong Yuan Qi Bag is a product that is first developed and produced based on the Chinese traditional health-care and “treating the internal disease from outside” theory and with reference to the historical health-care formula and experiences and its formula combination is reasonable. It has the functions such as balancing the Yin and Yang, adjusting the Qi and blood and promoting the blood circulation. According to the authentication of drug administration department, the product is proved qualified. The basic research and clinical observation are very systemic. Three Chinese medical research units from Shaanxi, Shandong and Beijing have made the clinical observation of 1205 instances, and the results indicate that the product has very good treatment effect on many diseases of digestion system, e.g., stomach duct pain, astricism, chronic diarrhea, etc, and also has the good health-care treatment effect to the irregular menstruation of women, especially the painful menstruation; at the same time, the product has the good functions on the lumbar muscle strain, respiration, Cardiovascular disease, nerve, spirit and urologic systems, etc as well as the some pediatric chronic diseases; besides, the product may be used to effectively treat the common symptoms such as the elder asthenia and multi-system chronic diseases. The product is safe, has no side effects and will not cause the sensitization and skin irritation. According to the testing of laser micro-circulation blood flow meter and the digital infrared radiation meter, we find that this product has the improvement and adjustment functions on the micro-circulations and temperatures of points such as Qihai, Mingmen, Shenyu, Yintang and Laogong, etc. It may also improve the brain blood circulation. Two Chinese medical research units have made 24 pharmacodynamics experiments, and the results certify that the product may improve the immunity function of leucocyte medium II activity of animals used for the experiments, and enhance the content of SOD in erythrocyte. The experiment about fruit fly life proves that the product has the function of extending its life. According to the testing of the volatile components in Yuan Qi Bag with gas phase chromatography – mass spectrum instrument and gas phase chromatography instrument, we can make sure that there are 61 kinds of chemical components, so this further indicates the material foundation of treatment effects of Yuan Qi Bag.
    This study has selected the exact subjects, made the reasonable designs, used the advanced methods, employed the novel thoughts, collected the complete materials, owned the full data and seemed very scientific, so it has improved the study of externally used health-care products in Chinese traditions to a new scientific and technical level.
    This Yuan Qi Bag is effective, safe, simple and practical. After the product is put into use in the market after obtaining the formal approval of Shan Wei Yi Cai Zi [1980] No. 006 document, the product has won the wide praise from the patients and the people from all walks of life and from home and abroad, and brought the obvious social benefits and economic benefits. The product is a desirable medical and rehabilitation health-care product.
    This comprehensive study result has taken the leading place in the similar project studies at home and abroad.
    We suggest that this product should be applied for the province-level science advancement award and national spark science and technological award.

    Appraisal-hosting Units:
    Health Bureau of Shaanxi Province
    Medicine Administrative Bureauof Shaanxi Province
    Shaanxi Society and Technology Association

    Technical Leaders of Appraisal:
    Traditional Medicine Consultant of WHO
    Standing Committee Member of China
    Society and Technology Association
    Vice Chairman of China Association of
    Combination of Traditional Chinese
    Medicine and Western Medicine

    Vice Chairman of Geriatrics Society of Chinese Medical Association

    Chen Keji
    Apr.10th, 1991

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