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    •  A young expert with great contributions to the country
    •  A national model worker
    •  A winner of the world inventor award
    •  A senior economic manager
    •  President of U.S. Institute of Anti-Aging
    •  A member of the national committee of CPPCC 
    •  President of the 505 Group
    •  Manager of China Xianyang Health Care Products Factory
    •  Director of China Association of the United Nations Institute for Human Health
    •  Director of Xianyang, Shaanxi Institute of Anti-Aging 
    •  Director of Xi’an Branch of Chinese Medical Healthcare Institute 
    •  Prof. of China Science & Technology Lecturing Team 
    •  Director of United Nations Association of China
    •  Honorary Researcher of China Institute for Chinese Medicine 
    •  Honorary Prof. of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 
    •  Honorary Prof. of China-Japan Friendship Hospital

    Comrade Lai huiwu to profile

      Joining the CPC on July 1, 1974, Comrade Lai Huiwu served as a committee member of the Party Branch and secretary of Youth League committee of No. 8 Middle School of Huxian County, the confidential secretary for the Huxian County committee of the CPC, a committee member of the Party Branch, executive secretary of Xianyang’s civic administration, the deputy director in charge of working for the Industry & Transportation Department of Huxian County committee of the CPC, deputy secretary for the Party committee of the economic committee. Besides, he also worked in Xianyang Bureau of Commerce, taking charging of the reform office. In 1989, he served as the party branch secretary and the manager of China Xianyang Health Care Products Factory. After 1992, he worked as the party branch secretary and the President of the 505 Group, a candidate of the representative of the 15th National Congress of the CPC (approved by the preparation team of the 15th National Congress of the CPC), a member of the 9th national committee of the CPPCC. He was selected as the national model worker and awarded with the May 1st work medal by the State Council, selected as a young expert with great contributions to the country by the Ministry of Personnel of P. R. China. He once attended conference for national outstanding basic party organizations (only one secretary of the basic party committee in Shaanxi) and excellent Party members and the 6th national conference of the science & technology committee. In addition, he was selected as a representative for the 9th Party congress of Shaanxi, a member of Shaanxi provincial CPPCC for three terms in a row, the 9th standing committee member. Plus, he was selected as the member of the party congress, the people congress, and presidium of the CPPCC for several times of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, and attended meetings for leaders of Shaanxi Province. His integrity and philanthropic deeds have been admired by many people.   

      Thanks to his inventions and remarkable contributions, he was employed as the professor of China Science & Technology Lecturing Team, that of Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Northwest A & F University; the honorary researcher for China Institute for Chinese Medicine; the honorary professor for Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Xi’an Medicine University, and Northwestern University, a researcher of China-Japan Friendship Hospital and of the Institute of Chinese –Western Medicine Combination affiliated with Xi’an Branch of Chinese Medical Healthcare Institute, the advisor for Northeastern Polytechnical University, Xi’an International Studies University, and Shaanxi Association for Science & Technology.

      During his inspection of 505 on January 22, 1995, Hu Jintao, Secretary-General CPC Central Committee said: “The 505 people, under Comrade Lai Huiwu’s leadership, have made great contributions to development of science & technology, education, culture, physical education, and health works for the sake of human health by actively developing medicine and health care products in line with the direction given by the Party and the government, which deserve my deep appreciation. I hope that, you can arrange operational management even better with the market as the direction and scientific technology as the guide to explore national and international market, so as to sell your product throughout the nation and the whole world, thus making new contributions to health of not only the Chinese people, but also the people around the globe.”

      On January 21, 1996, during his visit to the 505 Group, Zou Jiahua, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the deputy prime minister of the Sate Council said, “The 505 employees work hard with the aim to promoting Chinese traditional medicine. Our traditional medicine, as a rich source, has been explored unceasingly since foundation of the new China under direct guidance and promotion of the  and the Sate Council and played an increasingly important role in health care of the people. As a distinctive talent, Comrade Lai Huiwu, together with all the 505 employees, has made tremendous contributions to promotion of the country’s traditional medicine. 505 has not only made remarkable contributions to promotion of our own medicine, but also obtained valuable experiences with regard to business establishment: problems not solved and tasks not fully achieved by many state-owned enterprises for several decades have been treated by 505 within a few years in a smart manner. And these experiences are worth learning. I offer congratulations and appreciations on achievements of Comrade Lai Huiwu on behalf of the State Council. In addition, I do hope that the 505 Group and its employees explore our medicine further to make even greater contributions to human health.

      July 1, 1990 of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau member and first vice chairperson of the National People’s Congress, Xi Zhongxun to Lai Huiwu wrote: “A good doctor with selfless contribution to people”.

      Since its establishment over a decade age, Xianyang 505 Group has been named as the national outstanding basic party organization by the National Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, paid taxes and funded various social public welfare undertakings such as science and technology, culture, education, sports, health care, the disabled, the elderly, disaster areas, the poor, out-of-school children, and heroic actions, with the total amount of hundreds of millions of Yuan, helping over ten thousand children without schooling, setting up more than ten hope primary schools (0.20-0.60 million Yuan for each). The taxes paid to Xianyang City for several years in a row was one quarter, or 25%, of, salaries for over ten thousand of the municipal direct civil servants, , making its contributions to the state and to the society over 1 billion Yuan. The 505 products, being  sold in more than 100 countries and regions, has helped tens of thousands of patients either by reducing or by curing their diseases and obtained 136 national and international honors and awards. It has been granted an interview and praised by dozens of leaders of the Party or the State including Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Zeng Qinghong, Xi Jinping, Zhou Yongkang, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan, Li Lanqing,, Song Ping, Xi Zhongxun, Gu Mu, Wang Zhen, Zou Jiahua, Tian Jiyun, Li Tieying, Wang Zhaoguo, Wang Zhongyu, Geng Biao, Zhang Aiping, Li Dezhi, Chen Xilian, Qin Jiwei, Chi Haotian, Yang Dezhi, Peng Chong, Lu Dingyi, Song Jian, Lu Jiaxi, Duan Junyi, Wang Shoudao, Yang Chengwu, Hong Xuezhi, Hu Qili, Ni Zhifu, Lei Jieqiong, Wang Guangying, Cheng Siyuan, Wu Jieping, Liu Lantao , Ma Wenrui, Wang Feng, Ye Xuanping, Xiao Yang, and Qian Xinzhong. Meanwhile, several leaders such as Hua Guofeng, Xi Zhongxun, and Wang Zhen inscripted for Comrade Lai Huiwu and spoke highly of him.

      In 1995, during Lai Huiwu’s visit to U.S., Frank M. Jordan,, mayor of San Francisco announced that: October 2, 1995 was made Prof. Lai Huiwu’s Day of San Francisco”, and wrote in the certificate: “Whereas Prof. Lai Huiwu, Director of Xianyang, Shaanxi Institute of Anti-Aging is an outstanding inventor in the medicine field, a humanist and a world-renowned medical specialist; whereas Prof. Lai Huiwu developed the 505Marvellous Vitality Bag which improves human vitality by balancing Yi and Yang; whereas Prof. Lai Huiwu is respected thanks to his remarkable achievements in promotion of health and vitality”.

      Prof. Chen Keji, consultant of traditional medicine of World Health Organization and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences inscribed for Lai Huiwu as follows: “Benefiting the patients and deriving pleasure from kindness”

      In the preface of his Lai Huiwu’s Success Path, Prof. Chen Keji said: “Comrade Lai Huiwu’s remarkable spirits lie in his plainness and dedication to study on the Chinese traditional medicine by collecting herb medicine in mountains and working hard to improve quality of the medicine product; and the secrets for his success precisely rely on his pioneering spirit and enterprising spirit!” Human being is the master of everything. For Comrade Lai Huiwu, his inspiration originates from his dream of promoting the Chinese traditional medicine, his deep sympathy towards the patients, and his aim of winning glory for the motherland; he has made tremendous achievements and his products are sold throughout the country and around the globe. In addition, his unique charm also relies on the fact that he tries his best to make contribution to the society and to others.

      Prof. Xiao Peigen, who serves as an advisor for the Medical Advisory Group of the WHO, the director of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (IMPLAD) Affiliated With the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and the chief of the WHO Cooperative Study Centre for Traditional Medicine inscribed for Lai Huiwu as follows: “Magic art improves vitality:, and “Glorious”.

      Prof. Liu Duzhou, delegate to the National People’s Congress, executive director of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy and well-known expert of traditional Chinese medicine wrote “Preserving the vital energy” for Prof. Lai Huiwu. 

      Prof. Wang Mianzhi, director-general of Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and director of the committee of drug evaluation of the Ministry of Health wrote “Inherit the past and explore the new, promote traditional Chinese medicine, gain improvement day by day” and “Treasure of China, safeguard for Chinese people, promote the vitality and longevity of people, sufficient vitality assures good health” for Prof. Lai Huiwu.

      Prof. Lai Huiwu often points out that: We should dedicate ourselves whole-heartedly to our career and dismiss the gains and fames. In 40 years, he has successively engaged in education and administration for 20 years, and founded and developed the group for 20 years. Relying on the lessons and experience learned during the process, he formulates the corporate guideline: Upholding humanitarianism, one heart and one mind, working hard and forging ahead for human health”, the enterprise culture and strategy for corporate governance: “Fidelity, Honesty, Practicality, Innovation, Unification, Happiness, human-orientation, corporate governance based on law, distribution on the basis of labor, reward for the diligent and penalty for the lazy, and the survival of the fittest” for 505 Group. Recently, he summarizes the enterprise commitment of 505 Group as “Seeking practical means and innovation for the benefit of people”.

    In March, 1992, Prof. Lai Huiwu was engaged as the professor for Chinese Scientific and Technological Lecturing Group.  In March, 1991, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the World Inventor Award in the 14th International Fair of World Inventions held in New York, USA. In 1995, Prof. Lai Huiwu was awarded the title of “2nd Session of Outstanding Chinese Inventor and Entrepreneur” by Chinese Association of Inventors, All China Federation of Trade Unions, and State Intellectual Property Office of China.
    In February 1993, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the “National Spark Award” conferred by the State Science and Technology Commission. In June 1994, Prof. Lai Huiwu was engaged as a part-time professor by Xi’an Jiaotong University.  In March 1993, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the title of honorary professor by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
    In March 1993, Prof. Lai Huiwu was conferred the title of honorary research fellow by China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In April 1995, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the title of “National Model Worker “conferred by the State Council of China.  In October 1, 1993, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the certificate of qualification for the special government allowance conferred by the State Council of China. 
    In 1996, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the title of “Young and Middle-age Expert of China with Outstanding Contribution to China “by the Ministry of Personnel.  In April 1994, Prof. Lai Huiwu was engaged as an honorary research fellow and professor by China-Japan Friendship Hospital.  In July 1991, Prof. Lai Huiwu was engaged as an honorary professor by Xi’an Medical University, consultant, research fellow of Research Institute of Integrated Medicine, and director of the Research Institute of Medical Health Preservation by Xi’an Branch of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
    In April 1993, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the “May Day Labor Medal” by All China Federation of Trade Unions.  In May 1993, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the “Award for Contribution to Education” by Peking University. In 1995, Prof. Lai Huiwu received the award conferred by Frank M. Jordan, mayor of San Francisco, praising Prof. Lai Huiwu as “an outstanding inventor in the medical field, a humanitarian and a famous medical expert in the world”. Later, October 2, 1995 was made the “Day of Prof. Lai Huiwu of San Francisco”. 
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